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"Beth Grossman really does 'make things happen,' always good things for all concerned! It is a real pleasure to work with her, and she gets results! She is a force of kindness, insight, peace, and joy!"

Robert Thurman
Translator and author

"Beth Grossman is a superb publicist. She is smart, savvy, seems to know everyone, and everyone likes her. Over the months of working together with Beth on a book campaign, I developed enormous respect for her knowledge, effectiveness, decency and humanity."

David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Center for Anxiety Founder, Author of THRIVING WITH ANXIETY

"Across the board, Beth Grossman was simply awesome to work with! Not only did she help secure some incredible PR opportunities and introduce me to some amazing strategic partners, but as a first time trade-non-fiction author she helped me to “let go” and enjoy the ride. I am eternally grateful to Beth, and would recommend her without any hesitation."

Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical School, Author of DEFEATING SAD

"Beth Grossman is a great publicist and person. Working with her is like having a friend take you by the hand and lead you through the intricate, demanding, often puzzling process of getting a book known. She is tremendous at what she does, and does it all with warmth, creativity and humor."

Sharon Salzberg
Author of LOVE YOUR ENEMIES How to Break the Anger Habit and Be a Whole Lot Happier

Talent can easily go unseen without the right connections to the media. Beth and Carina know how to get your work noticed. I have been fortunate to work with both of them over the years. They have helped my work be seen in such media as The New York Times, CNN, Dr. Oz, and many other media outlets. While there are no guarantees for press results, if you have the opportunity, take a chance on them.

David Kessler
Author of Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Beth is a gem! Beth gave me the opportunity to discuss my work with an interesting and important group of media voices. Invariably, these voices or someone on their team would comment on how much they enjoyed Beth - one famous psychiatrist even dubbed Beth an "anti-narcissist" on a podcast. This meant every person I spoke with had a good impression of me going in. It made my job so much easier - I can't recommend Beth enough!

W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D.
Author, The New Science of Narcissism

"Beth Grossman is outstanding. She cares tremendously about all of her clients. She puts her heart and soul into what she does every single day, and yes, absolutely, 100%: BETH GROSSMAN MOST CERTAINLY MAKES THINGS HAPPEN!"

Dr. Christian Conte
Author, Walking Through Anger

"My company has worked on many books with many publicists over the years. To say that Beth leaves them all in the dust would be an understatement. She's delivered a long list of quality press, and her passion and energy for the project is contagious. I would highly recommend her!"

Jeff Schwartz
President/CEO, Media Management Group, LLC

"Beth Grossman is not only extremely good at what she does, she is such a pleasure to work with and exceeds expectations every time. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with her."

Dana Cohen, MD
Co-Author of QUENCH

"Working with Beth Grossman is one of the greatest things that happened to my career, apart of being one of the kindest persons I have ever work with, she got fantastic opportunities to promote my book and work. I can not wait to launch my next book and work with her again."

Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl

"Beth can find a solution for anything. Whether you want to be introduced to a particular person, place or project she’ll find a way. Her warm heart and insightful mind make her an absolute joy to work with and she’s genuinely making a positive difference through her work."

Jay Shetty

"Beth Grossman is a wonder. I recommend her without reservation."

Paul Selig
Award-winning author of channeled texts from Tarcher/Penguin

"What I love about Beth Grossman is that she knows how to perfectly match and place your gifts on platforms that complement your work. She thinks outside the box and that's always going to lead to better things!"

Sister Jenna
Host of Americas Meditating Radio Show and found of the Meditation Museums

"Beth is simply the best! Not only does she 'make things happen', Beth is also a joy to work with and everyone loves her! It's great to have friends in the media, and Beth has so many! I just wouldn't work with anyone else."

Mark Liponis, M.D.
Corporate Medical Director | Canyon Ranch

"Beth Grossman has all the skills you'd want and expect from a seasoned, professional and effective publicist. She gave me exactly what I needed and much more. And she works with style, energy, imagination, and wit. She brought new life to my career in publishing."

Thomas Moore
Author of Care of the Soul in Medicine

"Beth brings her passion and expertise to public relations and helps elevate her client's messages above the din of noise. Working with her makes me feel good and look good and that is why I keep coming back to her."

Dr. Mao
Author of bestselling book Secrets of Longevity

"Beth Grossman is a magnificent dream come true! After speaking to four other potential publicists, I felt uninspired and confused each time we hung up. Then a journalist (who deals with the media day in and day out) highly recommended Beth. It took only a few minutes of talking with Beth to be sold on her kindness, authenticity and vision. In record time, Beth had me on TV, radio, print and online. It was heaven. Being a first time author, I knew very little about publicity. But Beth handled everything with incredible warmth, grace and speed. She has rightly earned the love and respect of her clients as well as her many amazing contacts. Call her today -- she will make you and your work shine!"

Julie Bond Genovese
Author of Nothing Short of Joy

"Beth Grossman literally created miracles for my book. Her an unflagging passion for spreading wisdom in the world, her innovative ideas, and her gift for connecting with people made all the difference. Not only did she land fantastic opportunities for me, but every interviewer I spoke with, and there were a lot, exclaimed how much they love working with Beth and look forward to her calls -- no small feat for a publicist!"

Kim Rosen
Author of Saved By A Poem

"Working with Beth Grossman is a dream come true. In my experience, she always over-delivers, is responsive and cheerful, optimistic and realistic, and the best part, I get to feel like a hero for recommending her to my clients!"

Stephanie Tade
Stephanie Tade Agency

"Beth Grossman really does make things happen. She's relentless -- and she takes on her assignments with good humor that is irresistable."

Bruce Knecht
Author of HOOKED Pirates Poaching and the Perfect Fish

"To say 'Beth Grossman Makes Things Happen' does not begin to cover it. When it comes to understanding and conveying the core message, identifying the right media targets, and approaching them at the perfect time, she is simply the best. But she also 'makes things happen' on another level entirely--through her passion, belief, and encouragement she magnetizes the best from clients and contacts alike."

Susan Piver
New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I love working with Beth. She has exceeded my expectations. She's so gently persistent, highly reliable, creative, and positive. Her attention to detail and follow through are just remarkable. I recommend her very highly!"

Dr. Judith Beck Ph.D.
The Beck Diet Solution

"For me, as a first time author, the task of promoting my book was bewildering to say the least. Beth Grossman became my guide and mentor, making sense of what seemed at times to be a byzantine process. She had infinite patience and was my biggest cheerleader. She treated me as if I was a big name author doing my 10th book rather than my first. Beth presented me with opportunities across the country on programs and interviews that would never have happened without her help. And perhaps most important, she helped me to figure out what to emphasize in each interview and on each program. Along the way, she became my friend."

Michael Berman
Author of Living Large

"Beth Grossman is the Nancy Drew of PR. She leaves no stone unturned."

Randi Merzon
Medical Intuitive